Who are we?

We are an innovative chemical consultancy company specialized in the optimization of iron/manganese catalyzed oxidation reactions and copper catalyzed coupling reactions. We are specialists in base metals catalysis. Our goal is to work as a part of the R+D+I department of chemical companies in order to improve their synthetic strategies.

Additionally, we produce chemical compounds labelled with stable isotopes that can be applied in both academia and industry. We also offer custom made isotopically labelled reagents on demand.

Gioxcat S.L. is our social denomination. Our spin-off company initiative is based on the know-how developed by professors Miquel Costas and Xavi Ribas in the QBIS-CAT research group at the University of Girona. The company’s registered office is located at the Scientific and Technological Park of the University of Girona.

To learn more about the know-how please visit QBIS-CAT webpage. Meet our team.